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January 28th, , Sunday | 13 Must Know Facts

Brash, imperious — they do not easily give in in a fight. They are moreover expectant and sometimes passive, waiting for a positive outcome of complicated life situations. They accurately view even the most complicated situations. The best profession for them is one that requires mental concentration and ongoing hard work.

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But they will achieve the greatest results in an intellectual career: It should be added that a person born on this day is unusually sensitive and hates malice. They are not easily angered, but quickly react to mockery. The flaws they should strive to overcome are indecisiveness, distraction, excessive rush or being late to classes.

They are often dissatisfied with themselves and gladly postpone everything.

January 28 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

A woman born on this day is concerned with accumulating wealth and often upset with the state of business, capital investments or the opinions of others about her. For she is exceptionally sensitive to opinions.

Both men and women care deeply for maintaining their power and standing, as well as respect for their authority.


And at the Virgo new moon on August 30, a Grand Earth Trine which includes Uranus helps you put down roots for a new kind of tribe. The moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo bring healing for old trauma through mutually supportive relationships that simplify your life.

And Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn give you the strength to live with the courage of your convictions.

Mercury enters Capricorn

The best news of all, Aquarius? Two Venus-Jupiter conjunctions January 22 and November 24 bring ample opportunity to connect with other visionaries like you. Over the last two years, eclipses in your sign and the opposite sign of Leo have put you through some major relationship rites of passage.

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  7. The Leo lunar eclipse on January 20 brings this chapter of your love story to its logical conclusion. Mercury spends the summer going back and forth between Cancer and Leo.

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    What has your partner done for you lately, Aquarius? Keeping it real can be a bit of a challenge this year, with Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces January 13, June 16, and September And in June, Venus in Gemini throws more fuel on the fire!

    Her aspects to Jupiter and Neptune on the twenty-third and twenty-fourth have you feeling fun and flirty… but the attraction may be quick to fizzle out. Fortunately, Mercury will be spending two months in Pisces your second house of finance , giving you plenty of time to balance your checkbook. From February April 16, try keeping a money diary to track your expenses.