Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 December 2018

February 11 — The balsamic Moon arrives at Greenwich time on February 11 and lasts until the new Moon on February 15 at 3: February 13 and The Sun in a helpful angle with Uranus favors communication and connections that benefit both career and shared finances.

Monthly Horoscope – Cancer February 2018

New Moon in Aquarius at 3: Greenwich time —with solar eclipse a few minutes before that—plus planetary harmony involving Mercury and Uranus as well as Venus and Saturn. The Sun meets Mercury, just before the messenger planet moves into Pisces at Greenwich time on the 18th.

Cancer: Your Month Ahead

The Sun moves into Pisces at Pause around that time and see if you can feel the shift from airy, intellectual Aquarius to watery, sensitive Pisces. Venus meets with Neptune in Pisces, a heavenly pairing of human and spiritual love.

Be a force for loving kindness with everyone you meet. Mercury meets Neptune, so let your mind wander a bit today and pay attention to dreams or connect with your muse.

Also, the Sun links with Saturn in Capricorn: February 27 and Venus on the 27th and then Mercury on the 28th make the same helpful alignment with Pluto. Follow through on ideals from February 25 to bring spirituality, dreams, or artistic projects to earth in powerful yet practical ways that uplift everyone.

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Weekly Horoscope - Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 December

Your Month Ahead Genius energies fill the air, due to the strong energies in Aquarius that arrive each year at this time. Financial News Aquarian themes will continue to dominate the first part of this month, bringing exciting energy to your eighth house of joint financial resources such as loans, mortgages, and child support as well as inheritances, gifts, commissions, and other money received as a lump sum.


As of February 1, we have several planets in Aquarius: Venus , who governs love, beauty, and relationships—as well as money—and brings grace and sophistication to whatever she touches As of February 10, Venus heads into Pisces, but on February 13 at 9: About Aquarius Aquarius gives us the quirky inventor, the genius, the one who marches to the beat of a different drummer.

Your Financial News—And Inner Life February brings you many opportunities to improve your money matters by negotiating favorable terms in shared finances. Plan Your Life With Astrology: When To Pause You can plan your life with astrology by building in time to pause.

Each month, the planets bring regular times that favor slowing down and reflecting: The full Moon brings a natural time to pause. Energies peak, insights and "aha" moments arrive, and we need time to process sudden news—and sometimes major changes. This year, February contains no full Moons, although two powerful ones bookend it: So the first and last days of February give us natural times to pause and reflect.

The best time to pause each month comes during the three days before the new Moon. This lack of light reminds us to stop temporarily to rest, reflect, and take care of ourselves. Find out more about the mysterious balsamic Moon in my Balsamic Moon Phase article.

Important Dates This month brings several key dates to watch as you plan your month. Today's News , Entertainment , Horoscopes , Quinte.

Today's Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, December 27, 2018

Freezing rain expected in Quinte and North Hastings on Thursday night inquinte. Budgeting for charity ultimately pays inquinte. Print Tweet Share Like. Have an event you want listed on our calendar? It's Easy to Submit.

This form requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. Consider it a time to learn some lessons, both about yourself and your coworkers, as well as firm up any boundaries you may have in regard to your time and your personal life. Midweek, as Venus and Neptune combine in your career sector, you may have to make a tough decision when it comes to prioritizing your career or your relationship.


Later in the week, a connection between Mercury and Saturn help you put your own interests first. And this coming weekend makes up for any annoying work stuff, when an interesting new person comes into your life and may have the ability to make your life much better.

Powerful aspects, both in your sector of travel and your sector of romance, signal fun, intrigue, and excitement in the upcoming weeks and months ahead. This week, focus on what you can change, and focus on baby steps, not big leaps. Your feelings may also be churning beneath the surface, the stars say midweek is a good time to truly feel them.

Some messy tears and loud feelings are far better than keeping your emotions hidden. Trust that the people closest to you can handle these emotions. It may be best to hang back, rather than push an issue or try to lock down commitment.

You may see a lot of different groups and people merging or mingling, and it may not be comfortable. The trick this week is to not take anything personally, and not try to control how other people interact.

You can control yourself. A tie between Saturn and Mercury suggests that if you want compromise, you need to ask for it. No is a full sentence.

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You deserve help, too, Libra. This week, you truly have the time and space in your life to focus on your SO or your dating life.