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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data recovery on a hard drive can be a complex process involving both physical hard drive repair, as well as software based rebuilds and data retrieval.  We have been performing expert recoveries on hard drives in the San Diego area for over 15 years, with the highest levels of security and success rates.

Hard Drive Problems / Symptoms

When your computer or device stops working, there are several ways to tell if your hard drive is the culprit.  Hard drives with platters, and even solid state drives, both have a finite life span so it is inevitable that they will fail eventually.  Here are some of the common issues that you will experience when dealing with a crashed hard drive:

  • Clicking noise, beeping, or buzzing coming from the hard drive
  • Hard drive not spinning up
  • Burn smells or suspected electrical problems
  • Device not recognized by computer
  • Loss of access to certain files or folders on your computer/device
  • Error messages or crashing when opening files
  • Messages related to reformatting your hard drive
  • The classic 'Blue screen of death' or 'Black screen', error messages when booting your computer or during use

It is extremely important that if you expereince any of these issues, you let a data recovery expert evaluate your system/device as quickly as possible.  Each time that you try to boot up a damaged hard drive it causes more wear and tear on a drive, to the point that you can inadvertently cause a drive that was recoverable, to become compeltely unrecoverable.  Our experienced technicians will take a look at your drive 100% free of charge to determine if data recovery is needed.

How We Recover Hard Drive Data

When a physical repair is required, we make sure to take all precautions including using cleanroom technology, specialized tools, and recovery devices.  A sector by sector copy of the hard drive is always created as soon as the drive is physically able to run, ensuring that we immediately have a copy of the data that is separate from the failing drive.  This extra step helps to make sure that a drive that is slowly failing will not cause any further damage to your data.  Our 100% priority in hard drive recoveries is to recover your data as completely as possible, while only repairing the hard drive itself up to the point to make the data recovery successful.

After a secure back-up copy of the drive is created, and physical recovery steps are complete, the last step is to run any specialized software components on a hard drive to completely salvage any and all data.  This careful, systemic process puts our success rates of recovery at the top of the pack in San Diego area, and beyond.  Many successful recovery jobs we get are ones that were sent from another company who certified them as 'unrecoverable' or a 'lost cause'.  Trust our experience and specialization to hard drive recovery that will give your project the best chance of success.

Supported Hard Drives

Any hard drive that stores data is supported by our expert technicians.  Whether you are using a Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Fujitsu, Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, or any other drive, we can work with it.  The manufacturer of the device does not matter, if it stores data, we can recover it.  We also support any type of device that stores data or stores a hard drive, including traditional tower computers, laptops, RAID servers, and more.  Check our services page for a complete list of the most common devices we work with.

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We offer free evaluations on any data recovery job, and are available any time to talk to you about the specifics of your situation.  With a convenient drop off location in San Diego, near the Qualcomm stadium, we are ready to save you from any hard drive data recovery emergency.  Contact us immediately for a free evaluation and quote.

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