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Network Attached Storage (NAS) Data Recovery

Backup drives come in many shapes and sizes, one of the most common in personal computing is the NAS, or Network Attached Storage.  Whether it is a small single drive, or a multi-drive RAID set-up, data recovery is necessary when there is a critical drive or software problem.  Our technicians are experts at identifying problems in NAS storage devices and performing secure recoveries.

NAS Problems / Symptoms

Just like a standard hard drive, NAS devices can experience anything from a full on hard drive crash, firmware issue, corrupted sectors, or software problems.  All network attached storage devices are simply a hard drive or storage drive which is put inside a protected external case, and connected to your computer or network via a cable.  For that reason, data recovery procedures and symptoms are essentially the same as a normal hard drive or server.  Here are some common symptoms for a NAS device that needs data recovery:

  • Clicking noise, beeping, or buzzing coming from the hard drive inside the NAS device
  • Device is not detected when connected to your network
  • Burn smells or suspected electrical problems in/on the protective case
  • Loss of access to certain files or folders on the network storage
  • Error messages or crashing when opening files on your network
  • Reformatting messages when plugging in the NAS

It is critical that if any of the above issues are experienced, you immediately disconnect the NAS device and unplug it.  Every additional second that the drive is spun up or run can be damaging to the data that is stored on it.  Especially in the case of a full crash, hard drives are extremely sensitive to physical damage on their platters, and spinning the platters by having the drive powered on can lead to severe, irreversible damage to parts of the data.  Talk to our experts at San Diego Data Recovery and we will do a free evaluation in a cleanroom environment, to ensure the highest chance of secure recovery of your data.

NAS Recovery Methodology

A data recovery on Network Attached Storage devices is almost identical to a standard hard drive or server recovery.  The only difference is that a NAS device has a protective case around it that needs to be carefully removed to expose the hardware inside.  Our expert technicians perform these actions in a secure, cleanroom environment, and immediately make a sector by sector copy of your drive to maintain integrity during the full recovery.  When physical repairs are required, we have the experience and technical knowledge to work directly on the drive, even using donor parts from manufacturers and stable drives which assist in this process.  

Ultimately our goal is to recover as much data as possible, safely, and our ability to work with both hardware and software ensures that we maintain the highest success rates on NAS devices in the industry.  When other companies fall short or report that a drive is 'unrecoverable', we are often successful due to our extensive knowledge of hardware, firmware, and specialized data recovery software.

Supported Network Attached Storage Devices

Any external storage device is supported by our recovery process.  Including devices from Seagate, Western Digital, Synology, Buffalo, and more.  Specifically some of the most popular models such as the MyBook, Personal Cloud, DiskStation, TeraStation, My Cloud, any many others.

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We offer free evaluations on any NAS recovery job, and are available immediately to talk to you about the specifics of your situation.  With a convenient drop off location in San Diego, near the Qualcomm stadium, we are ready to save you from data loss emergency.  Contact us immediately for a free evaluation and quote.

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