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RAID Server Data Recovery

At San Diego Data Recovery we are experts in the complex but often critical recoveries of RAID devices.  Utilizing specialized, custom built tools and our vast knowledge of each type of RAID configuration, we are able to achieve success rates that other companies fall short of.  If you have critical data on a RAID server and need a team of experts that can help, contact us right away.

RAID Recovery Problems / Symptoms

A failed server or RAID device is one of the most stressful items to have fail.  This is due to the fact that most of the time when a server like this is used, it is either because the volume of data is large, the data itself is very important, or both.  Not every server configuration has redundancy, and even the ones that do also have a chance of failure that can leave one drive, or multiple drives not working. When the data is in a striped configuration, even one drive not functioning can be devastating to accessing data.

Here are some of the common issues that you'll notice with a failing RAID server.

  • Clicking noise, beeping, or buzzing coming from one of the hard drives in the array
  • Server failure messages
  • Hard drive not spinning up
  • Burn smells or suspected electrical problems
  • Loss of access to certain files or folders on the server
  • Error messages or crashing when opening certain files
  • Messages related to reformatting of drives
  • The classic 'Blue screen of death' or 'Black screen', error messages when booting direct from the server

It is extremely important that if you expereince any of these issues, you let a RAID data recovery expert evaluate your system/device as quickly as possible.  Every time that you attempt to start up a failing or failed RAID server it causes more wear on the problem device, and inadvertently cause a drive that was recoverable, to become compeltely unrecoverable.  Our experienced technicians will take a look at your drive 100% free of charge to determine if RAID data recovery is needed.

How We Recover RAID Server Data

In order to properly and safely perform data recovery on a RAID server, all devices are accessed/opened in a cleanroom environment.  Any contamination can be devastating to hard drive platters and electronic devices in general, so our skilled technicians take every possible precaution.  We are able to work on any file system or file type, carefully cloning every hard drive or storage drive inside the RAID configuration.  This means that there is always a backup available to ensure that no further data is lost after the recovery has started.  

Once all of the available data is securely backed up, the bulk of the recovery work starts.  In many situations with a RAID our technicians build custom software to carefully rebuild striped data sets or complex server set-ups.  Physical repairs on any affected hard drives must also commence to recover as much data as possible.  The end result of our careful process is that you have the best chance to get a successful recovery, no matter how bad the original damage was or how complex the original RAID setup was.

Supported RAID Configurations

We have experience with every possible configuration of RAID device, even though some are much more common than others.  RAID configurations specifically supported are RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, and RAID 0+1.  If you have a special configuration and require expert assistance with your recovery, contact us right away.

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We offer free evaluations on any RAID data recovery job, and are available any time to talk to you about the specifics of your situation.  With a convenient drop off location in San Diego, near the Qualcomm stadium, we are ready to save you from any hard drive data recovery emergency.  Contact us immediately for a free evaluation and quote.

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